JAXERI unveils Pakistan’s first electric car on 75th Independence Day

Pakistan First Electric Car

The first locally-produced electric car was unveiled in Karachi, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Dice Foundation, universities, and the private sector. Eminent figures from the engineering, automotive, and business communities attended the launch event. They praised the teams as well as Dr. Qureshi for introducing the car.

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The launch event was held at a local hotel on the country’s Independence Day. Booking for the NUR-E 75 will be available to the general public in late 2024. Its battery pack was created at the NED University of Engineering and Technology and includes advanced features. The car will most likely be exported as well.

Sir Syed University of Engineering is developing chargers for these vehicles. Work is also being done to develop faster chargers in order to reduce charging time.

The car’s components were all developed in Pakistan, and the design was created by the National College of Arts (NCA). After charging for eight hours via a 220V connection, the car will be able to travel 210 kilometres at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour.

Dr. Khurshid Qureshi, Chairman of the Dice Foundation, described the “Made in Pakistan” car as a watershed moment for the country’s economic stability. He stated that the electric vehicle revolution is sweeping the global auto industry, and Pakistan has taken the first step in this direction. He went on to say that this project would solve all of the country’s economic problems.

According to Dr. Qureshi, capital for commercial production will be raised through Series A, B, and C rounds of funding. He stated that the vehicle will be sold under the brand name JAXERI.

While the initial prototype is a five-seater hatchback, the following phase will produce a sedan, and later SUVs, he added.

He went on to say that mass production of the car would help the environment and save money on fuel imports. He went on to say that Pakistan will be on par with developed countries in terms of electric car technology, and that access to this technology will make domestic economic stability easier.

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