Pakistan Railways financial loss soars to Rs 45billion

Pakistan Railways

The Pakistan Railways (PR) deficit has increased to Rs. 45 billion as the state-owned organization continues to incur losses due to declining earnings and soaring pension obligations, the majority of which are still underpaid.

According to sources, the employees in grades 1 through 9 have not yet received their salary for the current month and are thus having a very difficult time. Additionally, class IV workers in the open line, washing lines, and loco shed have not yet received their monthly salaries.

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Sources stated that “employees are getting increasingly impatient of having to act as a shuttlecock between the Railways Accounts Department and banks,” and they added that the PR’s earnings are also drying up as a result, which is causing everyday problems for train operations.

Numerous serving personnel have been waiting months to get their general provident (GP) funds, and it is anticipated that more than 150,000 railroad retirees from around the nation have not yet been able to receive their payouts.

Due to the non-receipt of pension funds, retired officers and staff of Railways from Grade 1 to 21 throughout eight divisions in the nation are experiencing tremendous hardships. On Monday, Haroon Ahmed Khan, adviser to the Federal Ombudsman Regional Office in Karachi, gave PR representatives specific instructions to address retired employees’ complaints about the delay in the distribution of pensions as soon as possible.

The advisor made further requests for passenger drinking water and sanitary amenities on platforms, waiting areas, reservation centers, and other locations while visiting Karachi Cantt Railway Station.

The adviser examined waiting areas, platforms, help desks, water filtration systems and coolers, railway police help centers, first aid centers, and reservation counters to evaluate the facilities and services being offered to passengers. The adviser also met with Taqi Muhammad Soomro, the regional office’s point person for media.

It was reported earlier this month that the Pakistan Railways was getting ready to examine prototype models of the cutting-edge passenger coaches and high-capacity freight wagons it wants to buy from a reputable Chinese manufacturer. As part of two different contracts to transfer technology for producing modern coaches in Pakistan, several junior and senior officials were scheduled to fly to China soon to inspect the models and participate in training being organized by the Chinese company.

It was said that 93 department officials and staff members were given the responsibility of inspecting 230 bogies worth $149 million that were being brought from the friendly neighboring country.

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