Govt aims to bring positive changes in Agriculture


In order to bring positive changes in the agriculture sector and halt its negative growth, the government is keen to invest in the agriculture sector.

Recently the ministry of climate change submitted its study to the Prime Minister Secretariat. The finding shows that it required well-devised plan for positive growth in the agriculture sector. The findings finding out the fact that the inclusive wealth of Pakistan comprises three different categories of capital assets: natural capital, human capital and produced capital.

All the mentioned categories provide satisfactory inputs for production and therefore it is considered the backbone of the economy. In its latest report, United Nations urged Pakistan to tackle the issue of negative growth in the agriculture sector. The agriculture sector is at stake due to increasing urbanization and other economic changes.

An official of the climate change ministry said “We have come to the conclusion that measuring the stock of wealth in a manner that includes natural capital is key to tracking sustainability and well-being of the country”. He said the green measures under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the last few years have shown evidence of an environmental turnaround due to which forests, grasslands and vegetated areas are spreading with each passing year.

PM’s Special Assistant on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said natural capital is estimated according to subsoil non-renewable resources, forests and agricultural land. “Conceptually, natural capital also depends upon ecosystem services such as microclimates, biodiversity and cultural values. But it is necessary to bring positive growth in the agriculture sector to strengthen our natural capital,” he added.