Yasin Joyia appointed as the Honorary Counsul General of Sri Lanka


Honorable Mr. Yasin Joyia has been appointed as the Honorary Counsul General by the Government of Sri Lanka. He was associated with the electronic media industry for the past 30 years. He has served as the General Manager, NTM and PTV World, Country Head, Young Asia Television, General Manager, Weekend World, Chief Executive Officer, World Call and Sun TV as well as a variety of other notable organization over a span of the last 3 decades. Over the years, Mr. Joyia has also spent a considerable amount of time as part of various administrative as well as socio-economic bodies promoting the vision and objectives of the respective entities.

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He has had the privilege of being a member of the Task Force, Punjab Police, the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and the Managing Committee for Red Crescent Punjab.