Indian hackers fail to get benefit after attacking Stormfiber’s official website 

Hackers fail to get benefit from hacking Stromfiber website Stromfiber

Pakistan’s most reliable fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet and television service provider Stromfiber’s official website is experiencing serious hacking attack since morning. The attack was made by the Indian hackers’ group known as Neo-h4ck3r.

StormFiber, powered by Cybernet, Pakistan’s #1 corporate ISP’s business was expanding as the company recently extended its footprint by beginning to offer services in Rawalpindi after gaining the trust of its customer with its high-quality service in other parts of the country. 

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There must be verity of reasons behind this attempt, including the theft of customers’ private information, such as their bank or credit card information, CNIC information, provider information, etc. However, hackers fail to get any benefit as none of the objectives were met because, in response to the hacking attempt, the company reached out to its valued customers via its social media platform and said.

This morning, our website was attacked by foreign hackers and the home page was changed, No customer payment data was compromised as the website stores limited public, static content.

In any case, we took down the website to sanitize it and patch the vulnerability before bringing it up. As a side, our website built on the latest technology and infrastructure has also completed development and will be deployed next month. It was undergoing testing when this unfortunate incident on our existing website took place.

For payments, our users log on to use an external internet payment gateway (IPG)—where users are asked to enter their card numbers each time they make their payments. We do this as we store no payment data at the time of processing the payment. we are in the process of enabling tokenization to save card numbers securely however until this is enabled, re-entering card details each time without saving them is the most secure method.

We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience caused.

We live in a computer-based world, and for more than ten years, India has been at war with us and trying to hack our websites to give themselves the appearance that they are the best hackers in the world. This type of cyberattack has also been registered in the past when Indian hackers attempted to get into websites for the military forces to acquire sensitive information, but our Pakistani ethical hackers put a stop to their nefarious move.

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