PIA cuts ticket price on international flights


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has lowered the cost of its international flights in response to the government’s initiatives to lower the price of petroleum products.

On Wednesday, a PIA official announced that the national carrier had lowered the cost of overseas flights in accordance with directives from Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique.

The spokesman added that PIA had decreased the fare for a flight to Canada by 8% and that a significant reduction of 15% had been made on Gulf and United Arab Emirates (UAE) routes. “On the special instructions of Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique, there has been a significant reduction in domestic fares and PIA has now reduced fares on international routes as well,” the spokesman said.

He said that airfares to Saudi Arabia had dropped by 10%.

Mr. Rafique had earlier on Saturday announced a 10 percent discount on internal PIA airline routes in addition to the 10 percent Pakistan Railways economy class discount.

Following a recent drop in the cost of petroleum goods, the administration made this decision.

The national flag carrier’s internal flights are being offered at a 10 percent discount, according to the aviation minister.

In addition to the discount announced for PIA domestic flights, Pakistan Railways economy class prices would also receive the same discount.

Additionally, the minister had stated that starting on July 17, 2022, these rulings will be effective for the following 30 days.

Private airlines had received directives from the Civil Aviation Authority to lower their prices

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