Terrorist attack claims lives of 4 paramilitary soldiers and 2 guards in northwestern Pakistan

Pakistan Military

Tragedy struck as unknown assailants launched a deadly attack on an oilfield near Girgiri in Karak, claiming the lives of four Frontier Constabulary personnel and two security guards. The incident unfolded late Monday, sending shockwaves through the country’s northwestern region.

According to local media reports, the attackers stormed the oilfield, carrying out their heinous act before the brave paramilitary soldiers responded with a strong retaliatory effort, forcing the assailants to flee the scene.

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This disturbing incident follows a similar act of violence that occurred just a week prior when militants stormed a paramilitary base in Balochistan, resulting in the loss of numerous lives and the abduction of innocent families.

The tragic attack serves as a reminder of the persistent threat faced by security forces in their ongoing battle against terrorism. The nation mourns the loss of these brave soldiers and guards who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, and their unwavering dedication to protecting the country will always be remembered.

As authorities continue their investigations, it is crucial for the nation to stand united against terrorism, supporting the tireless efforts of security forces to ensure peace and stability across Pakistan.

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