TikTok removes over 12million videos for breaking guidelines from Pakistan

Punjab Police TikTok

It was revealed on Tuesday that the well-known short-form video platform TikTok had taken down roughly 12.5 million videos from Pakistan for breaking community rules. Pakistan placed second in the world for the most videos taken down for infractions between January and March 2022, with 12,490,309 movies removed.

In its most recent Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the first quarter (January–March 2022), TikTok provided updates on its commitment to promote kindness on the platform and support community safety. The report demonstrates the platform’s continued dedication to gain trust by being honest and striving to create a friendly environment. The thorough Community Guidelines are scrupulously adhered to, and efforts are made to encourage genuine discussion across the comment area.

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One of the most well-known sites for short videos, TikTok, has recently switched from only featuring humorous content to also featuring serious and educational videos, including updates on politics.

According to the report, TikTok utilised a proactive removal rate of 98.5 percent to eliminate 12,490,309 Pakistani videos before they had any views and 97.3 percent before 24 hours.

With these numbers, Pakistan comes in second place globally for the most videos removed in the first quarter of 2022, trailing only the US, which tops the list with 14,044,224 films taken down. Globally, 102,305,516 films were taken down in this quarter, accounting for nearly 1 percent of all videos posted to TikTok.

Because the videos broke TikTok’s extensive set of community rules, which are intended to build an experience that prioritises safety, inclusivity, and authenticity, they were taken down.

According to the report, TikTok’s safety team removed 41,191 videos following the Russia-Ukraine conflict, 87 percent of which broke the app’s rules against harmful misinformation. 49 state-controlled media accounts in Russia were also identified by TikTok as having material.

The platform also discovered and shut down 204 accounts, six networks, and other coordinated efforts to sway public opinion and deceive people about their identity.

In the first quarter of 2022, more ads were eliminated overall due to violations of TikTok’s advertising laws and guidelines, according to the research.

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