Twitter announces ‘Birdwatch’ to check fake content

Twitter Birdwatch

Twitter announced that it would broaden the scope of the Birdwatch community fact-checking project, further advancing its creative approach to a brand-new type of content management.

When Birdwatch was introduced in January of last year, some Twitter users were able to disprove false tweets by adding notes to the material to explain the situation or cite reliable sources.

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Twitter and other social media platforms have faced conflicting demands to moderate the content that appears on their services for a very long time. Critics claim the platforms should safeguard free speech while others claim they don’t do enough to delete offensive material.

The company should delete fewer messages and function as a public town hall for free speech, according to billionaire Elon Musk, who is trying to back out of his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter.

Although Birdwatch enables the Twitter community to handle messages in “grey zones,” according to Keith Coleman, vice president of product, Twitter has regulations that forbid content like hate speech or incitement for violence.

We simply believe that’s a really effective place to start because it simply involves educating people and allowing them to establish their own opinions, he said.

Up until this point, Birdwatch had just 15,000 contributors who wrote fact-checking notes. Twitter announced that it would now bring on 1,000 new contributors each week.

Birdwatch notes are kept on a separate website, but the business said notes will start appearing in Twitter timelines for 50% of users in the US.

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