Wake up world before we lose ‘most iconic peaceful leader’: Mushaal

Mushaal Malik

Mushaal Hussein Mullick Chairperson Peace and Culture Organisation urged that the world powers and human right organisations should shun their duplicity and wake up as time was running short for Yasin Malik who was shifted to Delhi hospital in critical condition.
In a statement on Friday, Mushaal expressed her apprehension that God forbid they could lose the most Iconic peaceful leader of Kashmiris freedom struggle if the international community and UN bodies did not timely intervene to ensure his release.

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Mushaal, who is wife of Yasin Malik, said that JKLF chief had been on hunger to death strike since July 22 in protest against denial of his fundamental rights by the far-right Indian regime due to which his health condition deteriorated alarmingly.
The chairperson revealed that Yasin Malik was shifted to Delhi hospital; however, he refused to seek medical help from doctors.
“My Husband is losing his life at the hands of Indian tyrant authorities in solitary confinement, as his family members are not being allowed to meet him,” she added.
Mushaal went on to say that Yasin Malik was unjustly made a prisoner because he fearlessly championed the Kashmiris freedom movement and used his voice against oppression, adding his only crime was that he wanted the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).
Mushaal lashed out at the fascist Indian government which she said hell-bent to let Yasin Malik die from a fast, or sentencing him to death after flawed trials.
She urged the world to press the fascist and criminal Narendra Modi-led government to release Yasin Malik instead of waiting for him to die in Indian high-rick death cell.

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