Private Schools in Rawalpindi Defy Government Notification on Summer Vacations, Parents Demand Action

Private Schools

In a blatant disregard for the Punjab government’s notification declaring the commencement of summer vacations from June 6, several private schools in Rawalpindi continue to operate, leaving parents frustrated and concerned. The scorching temperatures, coupled with the schools’ non-compliance, have intensified calls for government intervention.

Despite the rising mercury and the well-being of students being at stake, a number of private schools in the district have chosen to dismiss the government’s directive, casting the official notification aside. Students attending these schools are being subjected to classroom environments that are not conducive to learning, as the oppressive heat takes its toll.

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As temperatures continue to soar, concerns about heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses among students grow. Parents are demanding that the relevant authorities step in and take decisive action against the private schools in question. They insist that penalties should be imposed to discourage such non-compliance in the future and ensure that the welfare of students remains a top priority.

With public sentiment growing against the non-compliant private schools, the Punjab government faces mounting pressure to enforce its directives effectively. The coming days will determine whether the government can restore the confidence of parents and safeguard the rights of students, or if such violations will continue to undermine the education system in Rawalpindi.

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