WhatsApp Introduces New Feature to Notify Users of Available Channels


In a surprising move, popular messaging app WhatsApp has unveiled an update to its “WhatsApp Channels” feature, allowing users to receive notifications when specific channels become available. The news was reported by WABetaInfo, a renowned source for WhatsApp updates.

The latest version update brings an exciting addition to the social platform, granting Android users the ability to be informed when they can access a particular channel on the messenger. This new functionality aims to enhance user engagement and keep them informed about the latest content and updates from their favorite channels.

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According to a screenshot shared by beta testers, a notification-seeking permission sheet will be displayed to users. This feature is an unexpected addition since WhatsApp has never previously offered a tool to notify users about the availability of new features.

To determine if this feature is enabled on their Android phones, users can open a channel invite link. However, as of now, the channels tool is exclusively available in Singapore and Colombia. Therefore, users must access a channel created in one of these countries to test the new feature.

Although users will only be able to follow channels when they become available in their respective countries, they can at least enjoy the convenience of being notified when the channels are ready for them to join.

The feature is currently being rolled out to select beta testers on Android who have downloaded the latest update from the Google Play Store. WhatsApp plans to release it to a wider audience in the coming days, ensuring that more users can benefit from this exciting addition to the app.

WhatsApp’s commitment to improving user experience and keeping users informed about the latest features and updates is evident in this update. As the messaging app continues to evolve, users can look forward to further enhancements that enhance their communication and engagement within the platform.

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