X Set to Introduce Video Calling in Pursuit of Becoming an All-Inclusive “Everything App”

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In a strategic move to transform into a comprehensive “everything app” offering an array of services, X, formerly known as Twitter, is gearing up to introduce video calling as a new feature.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, recently unveiled this upcoming addition in an interview with CNBC. Yaccarino highlighted that users will soon have the ability to engage in video chats without the need to disclose their phone numbers, enhancing privacy and user experience.

X’s decision to incorporate video calling aligns with the current trend of video communication sweeping across social platforms, reflecting the evolving expectations of digital users.

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Amid the transformative phase following Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of X in October, the platform has encountered its share of challenges. The appointment of Linda Yaccarino as CEO in June signals a strategic effort to stabilize and reshape the platform. The recent rebranding from Twitter to X further underscores the platform’s shift towards a holistic, versatile, and encompassing approach.

Beyond the introduction of video calls, X has ambitious plans to integrate additional features into its ecosystem. These include provisions for payments, content monetization, and potentially expanding its reach to encompass online shopping and banking services, all under one unified platform.

However, as X aims to consolidate a diverse range of services within its framework, concerns surrounding user privacy have emerged. The accumulation of extensive user data on a single platform raises valid questions about data security and privacy protection.

Yaccarino’s vision is to emulate the success story of China’s WeChat by molding X into a dynamic, adaptable, and impactful entity. The platform’s transformation into an “everything app” signifies a bold step towards creating an all-encompassing digital experience that caters to various user needs and aspirations.

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