Litigation gives loss of billions to entertainment business: Meera


Meera, a Pakistani film actor, has alleged that the [Dual Nikah] case against her has cost the entertainment business billions of Rupees. The Baaji actor, who has been embroiled in multiple scandals, made the statement today in a municipal court in Lahore during the hearing of the dual Nikah case.

A local court heard the twin nikkah complaint against the Lollywood actor. The actress from Inteha was present at the court with her counsel. Meera sobbed in front of the judge as she approached the rostrum during the hearing.

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The actress told the judge that she had been pursuing justice for ten years and that she had been properly heard in a US court, but that justice had not been served in Pakistan. According to reports, the judge Rai Ahmed Khan instructed the Nazar actress to lower her voice or leave the courtroom and return to her seat when she began shouting in the courtroom.

The hearing was later postponed to October 5 by the session’s court, which also instructed the lawyers to deliver their arguments based on the case’s new evidence.

Meera told the media that the filming of a film was being referred to as her genuine Nikah. She alleged that the litigation against her caused a huge financial loss worth billion of rupees to the entertainment business.

It’s worth noting that Meera’s putative husband, Atiq-ur-Rehman, accused her of having a Nikah with someone else named Naveed while she was already married to him. According to him, this was a felony under the law.

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