Standard Chartered Bank introduces ‘Braille-Inclusive’ Forms for visually-impaired customers

Standard Charter Bank

Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited (SCBPL) has recently pioneered special ‘Braille-Inclusive’ banking forms, for the convenience of visually-impaired citizens. SCBPL has been deploying innovative technologies for world-class financial-services, besides enabling socio-economic growth for the impoverished and the persons-with-disabilities. Launched in collaboration with Pakistan’s Assistive Technology Startup – Boltay Huroof, this initiative will offer valuable facilities for the well-being of these ‘Special’ consumers.

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Continuing with its generous contributions to elevate quality-of-life for the masses, this global financial leader, hosted a formal ceremony. This landmark agreement was signed between the co-founder of ‘Boltay Huroof’ – Hafiz Sheikh Umar Farooq and the Head of CPBB operations at SCBPL – Ms Saadya Riaz. During the event, ‘Boltay Huroof’ showcased the new banking-forms of SCBPL that have been converted with Braille-Inclusive features, while various other Braille facilities were also presented, including the first braille animal-book.

Mr. Rehan Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer at Standard Chartered Bank, said, “This resourceful initiative will enable broader Financial-Inclusion of Persons-with-Disabilities. Standard Chartered Pakistan is making it easier for the Visually Impaired persons, to open bank-accounts and engage in financial activities, at all branches of the bank. This agreement is the first step towards implementing the ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ agenda of Standard Chartered and the Inclusion-Directive of the State Bank of Pakistan.

The Co-founder of ‘Boltay Huroof’ – Hafiz Sheikh Umar Farooq stated that: “True inclusion can only become possible when we accommodate every segment of society in our social, educational and economic systems. This initiative towards financial inclusion by Boltay Huroof and Standard Chartered will bring an empowering difference in Visually Impaired Person’s lives.”

Other distinguished guests at the signing ceremony included: The Chairman of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme – Zaigham Rizvi, Chairperson of Special Olympics Pakistan – Ronak Lakhani, Managing Director of Zaamin Builders – Sarwat Nasim Shah and the Co-Founder of Exhibitor TV – Adeeb Ejaz, who formed the management-board to oversee this Startup and appreciated SCBPL’s efforts towards broadening Financial-Inclusion.

A Visually Impaired person – Mr. Saud attended the ceremony and shared various stories of his childhood and his interactions with other Visually-Impaired children. Most of these children were deprived of the opportunity to seek education, conduct financial transactions, or engage in socio-economic activities. Saud emphasized the importance of Braille-Inclusive services; and how the ‘Special’ children, their parents, siblings and teachers, can learn to make their lives more comfortable, productive and independent.

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