Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Song Ankhain Surpasses 100 Million Views

Rahat Fatah Ali Khan

Green Entertainment’s original soundtrack (OST) ‘Ankhain’, for their highly anticipated show Kabli Pulao, has captured the hearts of millions, crossing the incredible milestone of 100 million views across digital platforms. Ankhain a soulful composition, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, written by Imran Raza and crafted by the talented Sahir Ali Bagga is a complete package for all music lovers.

The OST ‘Ankhain’ has not only captivated the hearts of audiences but has also taken social media platforms by storm. Twitter has witnessed many conversations about the passionate melody and lyrics of the song, with fans expressing their admiration for the talented artists involved. While Instagram and TikTok have seen a variety of creative reels being posted; where fans have been inspired to lip sync and create their unique expressions to the song’s lyrics.

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The romantic lyrics and tune beautifully convey the power of emotions expressed through the eyes. It builds on how despite cultural and lingual barriers, love can be communicated through the gaze of the eyes; that act as a gateway to one’s soul. This universal theme has resonated with audiences worldwide, contributing to the OST’s massive popularity.

The OST “Ankhain” has undoubtedly become an anthem of love, touching the hearts of millions and solidifying its place as the romance track for the song year 2023. Written by the esteemed Zafar Mairaj and directed by the visionary Kashif Nisar, “Kabli Pulao” promises to be a captivating show for all. The show is produced by Qaiser Ali and executive produced by Imran Raza. Q&K Productions and Multiverse Entertainment have joined forces to bring this extraordinary project to life, showcasing the combined expertise and creativity of the team.

You can hear the full OST here: 

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