Google Introduces AI-Powered Grammar Checker to Enhance Literacy Assistance

Google Search

As individuals rely on Google Search for spelling corrections and browser extensions like Grammarly for grammar assistance, Google is taking a leap forward to encompass all aspects of literacy.

Recently, Google has introduced a grammar-checking feature that aims to help users identify and rectify grammatical errors within their sentences and phrases. Powered by AI, the tool offers users a convenient way to improve their writing, though it acknowledges that its accuracy might not be flawless. To enhance its effectiveness, a Feedback option is available, allowing users to report any inaccuracies they encounter.

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To activate the grammar checker, users can input a sentence or phrase into the Google Search bar and append a modifier such as “grammar check,” “check grammar,” or “grammar checker.” Upon completion, if the text is error-free, a dedicated “Grammar Check” section appears in the search results, complete with a comforting green checkmark. In case there are any mistakes, Google promptly highlights and underlines the necessary modifications.

It’s important to note that this functionality currently works only with the English language and will not address sentences involving harmful, harassing, hateful, medical, sexually explicit, terrorist, violent, or vulgar content.

At present, the grammar checker is most effective with a single sentence, and it typically refrains from checking grammar if multiple sentences are input.

While competing with comprehensive tools like the Grammarly app, which offers free usage and can review entire pages, might be challenging for Google, this new feature prioritizes convenience over replacing an English teacher. Nevertheless, it adds another valuable facet to Google Search’s array of features.

In the past week alone, Google has made several notable updates, including integrating inline sources into SGE (Search Guidance Engine), unveiling an enhanced search experience for Chrome users, and providing new privacy tools to manage how our information appears in Search results. As Google continues to innovate and improve its search capabilities, users can expect even more enhancements to aid them in their digital journeys.

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