Qatari Inventor Wins Gold for Smart ‘JayeNamaz’ at Inventions Exhibition

Smart Prayer rug

Inventor Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis from Qatar has been honored with a coveted gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva for his groundbreaking creation: the world’s first smart ‘Jaye Namaz’ (Prayer Rug).

Khamis has been awarded the prestigious Innovation Prize in recognition of his pioneering efforts in merging technology with tradition to design a rug that revolutionizes the way individuals engage in prayer, particularly aimed at teaching new Muslims and children how to pray properly.

Dubbed “Sajdah,” the smart educational prayer rug seamlessly integrates advanced technology, offering an enhanced spiritual experience for Muslims worldwide.

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Crafted from high-quality materials, the rug incorporates embedded sensors, microchips, and a wireless connectivity system, allowing it to provide a range of intelligent functionalities.

One of the rug’s notable features is its ability to detect its own orientation, ensuring a seamless and accurate prayer experience.

The smart prayer rug also features integrated LED lights that softly illuminate, guiding individuals through the correct positions for different prayer movements, including bowing and prostration. This visual guidance proves especially valuable for new converts, children, and individuals with visual impairments, enabling them to perform their prayers with precision.

To enrich the spiritual journey, the rug includes an audio system that delivers personalized recitations of the Quran and supplications, tailored to the user’s preferences. By connecting the rug to a companion mobile app, individuals can choose their preferred reciters, verses, and even customize their experience with ambient sounds like the gentle rustling of leaves or the serene flow of water.

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, held from April 26 to 30 this year, showcases over 1,000 inventions from various countries worldwide. Khamis not only received the gold medal for his smart prayer rug but was also honored with the MyKenz Influential Innovators Award during the exhibition.

Khamis’s innovative creation has the potential to revolutionize prayer practices, offering a blend of tradition and modern technology to enrich the spiritual lives of individuals, particularly those new to the faith and young learners. The smart prayer rug represents a remarkable step forward in the intersection of religion and innovation, showcasing the ingenuity of inventors in leveraging technology for the betterment of society.

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