Women’s Basic Safety and Self-Defense Hacks

women safety
  • Use your common sense and pay attention.

Avoiding a fight altogether is one of the greatest and most effective strategies to stay secure. Attackers do not view all persons as equally plausible targets; instead, they seek out ladies who would present them with the least amount of difficulty and provide them with the best chance of escaping. As a result, a simple target should not be your greatest self-defense approach.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and walk tall and with a decent posture. Avoid wearing earphones, keep your ears active by listening to every sound and being aware of your surroundings, especially at night. When you’re strolling or traveling alone and find yourself in a perilous position, use your common sense.

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  • Visible decissions

When choosing a route to get home, pay attention. You should all take care of yourself when traveling to your destination. If you’re torn between two possibilities for getting home and can’t decide, pay attention to this guideline and stay safe.

If one of your routes is more crowded and has bright lights, yet it takes longer to get home, the second way takes less time but appears to be in the dark. Then take the busiest route because attackers will avoid those places, keeping you secure. Avoid taking the path with the fewest people. You should, however, be careful of how you walk. To avoid getting shocked, choose a broad path around the corners.

  • Protect Yourself at Home

Criminals and robbers prey on solitary women who live alone in their homes. Because it makes doing anything for them at home simple. When staying at home, a woman should take some measures and be informed of self-defense tactics. Only a doorbell camera and a magnetic door alarm are required.

These two things will look after you and provide you time to get out of the situation. A doorbell camera may appear insignificant, but it may assist you in monitoring who is at your door and what is happening in front of your door from your smartphone while also alerting the authorities.

  • Make sure you have a safety toolkit on hand.

You never know when a risky situation will knock on your door. As a result, you should always have items with you that will help you in a crisis. A little whistle attached to a small pepper spray bottle could frighten away any possible attackers while also alerting bystanders that something is awry. As a result, consider carrying a weapon, but keep in mind that the assailant can use any weapon against you.

Personal pepper spray canisters are the greatest alternative for self-defense in any situation. Simply make sure you understand how to use them properly. A good dose of pepper spray in the face of an assailant can buy you some time to flee the scene. As a result, this self-defense strategy is also the finest approach to look for you.

  • Do you want to learn how to fight back? Always be a sportsperson.

If the first two measures, prevention, and toolbox, failed, be prepared and self-motivated to fight back against attackers. First and foremost, understand how to respond in such a situation. Also, keep in mind that when your life is in danger, there is no limit to how dirty you can fight.

Directly punch a criminal in the face with a powerful punch. If they reach out their hands and bend their thumb finger as if it were a Christmas wishbone as they approach you, hold their thumb finger and bend it as if it were a Christmas wishbone. After that, when they move closer to you, grab their shoulders and slam your knee into their genitals as hard as you can. Other sensitive places include the shin and eyes.

Concentrate on the proper target and wait for the right opportunity to fire the greatest shot while escaping as quickly as possible. Before you leave the house, practice all of these fights and enroll in a self-defense program near your home. It enhances your self-esteem and helps you succeed in difficult situations.

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