Access to the Ayubia chairlift denies for tourists

Ayubia Chairlift

The iconic chairlift in the Abbottabad tourist resort of Ayubia has been closed to the public because its continued usage could endanger human life, despite the fact that it had been erected there for the past five decades.

The chairlift, according to a representative for the Galiyat Development Authority, has become too outdated and is now harmful to tourists. In addition, GDA Director-General Raza Ali Khan stated that the chairlift was installed in 1965 and has now reached the end of its useful life. “Hundreds of visitors visited it every day, but the Galiyat Development Authority has decided to shut it down,” he added.

In addition, Raza Ali Habib said in a statement that after talks with the foreign operator, it was decided to shut down the Ayubia chairlift with immediate effect and reopen it after the old chairlift was replaced with a new and modern one.

“We will either install a new chairlift or reopen the old one when it has been repaired and made safe for tourists,” he added.

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