Some effective way to reduce tobacco consumption

Tobacco control

Cheap tobacco products that cause life-threatening diseases, including heart and cancer, should be made more expensive, and expensive necessities of life should be made cheaper. An effective way to reduce tobacco consumption is through health levy bills.

Sana Ullah Ghumman, General Secretary, and Director Operations, Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), said that tobacco products, which are the cause of deadly diseases, should be made more expensive and expensive necessities of life should be made cheaper. 30 million tobacco users in Pakistan are a matter of concern . The government should implement the Tobacco Health Levy Bill, which creates a burden of at least Rs 615 billion annually on the national exchequer so that our people can avoid further tobacco attacks.

Expressing his views on the growing use of tobacco, Sana Ullah Ghumman said that if we want to save our young generation from disease, we have to impose a health levy bill on tobacco and its products. Only then will it be out of reach of the younger generation.

Tobacco is a major cause of many diseases, including Heart and cancer. Research by various countries, including the World Health Organization (WHO), proves that if the consumption of something is to be reduced, then the practice should be enforced, the government should prevent tobacco use. Therefore, we have to think seriously and take practical steps so that we can be safe from diseases. The Federal Department of Health needs to make important decisions in the interest of the public, especially the younger generation, in accordance with international guidelines regarding tobacco use. The Health Levy Bill is an effective way to reduce tobacco consumption.

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