Pakistani Couple Sentenced to Life in Prison in Italy Over an Honour Killing


A Pakistani couple has been sentenced to life in prison in Italy over an honour killing. The court found them guilty of killing their daughter for honour.

According to media reports, the victim, a 17-year-old girl identified as Saman Abbas, refused an arranged marriage, which angered her parents and led them to murder her.

Last year, authorities discovered the dead body of Saman beneath a farmhouse in northern Italy during an investigation launched after she went missing.

Earlier this year, Shabbar Abbas, the father of Saman, was arrested in Pakistan, while her mother, Nazia Shaheen, is currently in hiding there.

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It is noteworthy that the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy issued a Fatwa rejecting forced marriages after news of her disappearance surfaced.

Details revealed that Saman shifted to Italy with her family and began a friendship and dating relationship with a Pakistani-born boyfriend.

The investigation team in Italy reported that the parents of Saman wanted her to move to Pakistan for an arranged marriage three years ago, but she refused to comply.

An autopsy later revealed that Saman Abbas had suffered a broken neck bone, possibly as a result of being strangled.

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