Pakistan’s First Moon Mission Launching Today

Moon Mission

Exciting news emerges from the realm of space exploration as Pakistan prepares for its inaugural satellite mission to the moon, scheduled for launch on today May 3 at 12:50 pm from China’s Hainan Space Launch Site.

In a statement to Geo News, Dr. Khurram Khurshid, a member of the Core Committee of the Institute of Space Technology (IST), revealed that Pakistan’s first satellite mission, ICUBE-Q, will embark on its lunar journey in collaboration with China’s Shanghai University and Pakistan’s national space agency, SUPARCO.

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The ICUBE-Q orbiter, developed by IST, carries two optical cameras designed to image the lunar surface. This groundbreaking mission marks a significant milestone for Pakistan, as ICUBE-Q will be integrated with China’s Chang’e6 lunar exploration mission, the sixth in China’s series of lunar missions.

The live telecast of the launch activity will be available on the IST website and social media platforms, offering spectators a glimpse into this historic moment.

Chang’e6’s primary objective is to touch down on the moon’s far side, collect samples from the surface, and return to Earth for research purposes. Notably, alongside the Chang’e6 mission, ICUBE-Q will carry a Pakistan CubeSat Satellite, highlighting Pakistan’s contribution to space exploration and research endeavors.

CubeSats, renowned for their compact size and standardized design, play a crucial role in facilitating scientific research, technology development, and educational initiatives in space exploration. With their versatility, CubeSats offer opportunities for universities, research institutions, and commercial entities to participate in space missions and contribute to scientific advancement.

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