Family of Larkana wins Guinness World Record for ‘Most family members born on the same day’

Gunness world record

A Pakistani family has made history by setting a Guinness World Record in the category of “most family members born on the same day,” since all nine members of the family have the same birthday, August 1.

Amir Azad Mangi and his family from Larkana achieved this extraordinary feat, breaking the record formerly held by an American family of five members, who had held the Guinness World Record since 1966.

Amir Azad Mangi, his wife Khadija, and their seven offspring, including two sets of twins, make up the record-holding family. Mr. Mangi was born in 1968, his wife in 1973, their first daughter Sindhu in 1992, twin daughters Sassi and Sapna in 1998, first son Amir in 2001, second son Ambar in 2002, and twin boys Amar and Ahmer in 2003.

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Mr. Mangi’s wedding anniversary also falls on the same day, making it a special occasion for the entire family. The children not only share their father’s birthdate, but also his love of learning, and have been accepted into higher education institutions, primarily in the fields of engineering and science.

It took three years for the family to be recognised and dethroned American citizens Carolyn and Ralph Cummins.

The Guinness Book of World Records told the family in December 2020 that their verification was complete.

The certificate was issued in July 2021 after it was processed in March 2021.

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