Non-PTA Phones to Lose SCOM Network Access Starting September

SCOM - Non PTA Phone

In a recent development, a credible source has revealed that SCOM sims will now also be subject to taxation, effective from September 1st. This alteration implies that the usage of SCOM sims on non-PTA-approved phones will no longer be permissible after the mentioned deadline. This change comes as the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) extends its reach to include PTA taxes on all mobile phones operating within Pakistan.

Previously, users had the liberty to utilize SCOM sims on non-PTA-approved mobile phones. However, this allowance is set to be curtailed in a move aimed at ensuring regulatory compliance and boosting revenue collection.

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The requirement to pay PTA taxes is not new; users who do not adhere to these regulations eventually face restrictions on using any cellular network on their phones after a specified period. The enforcement of PTA taxes is an established practice aimed at formalizing the mobile phone market and ensuring the authenticity of devices.

Notably, SCOM, introduced in 2004 as GSM cell phone services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, has emerged as a key player, offering extensive coverage across almost 450 major cities, towns, and villages in the AJK & GB region. Providing competitive call and internet packages at affordable rates, SCOM has become an integral part of the local communication landscape.

To mitigate any disruptions for SCOM users, it is strongly advised that they assess the status of their phones. If their devices are not PTA approved, prompt registration is recommended before the September 1st deadline. This proactive step will ensure uninterrupted mobile phone services and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Users seeking to comply with PTA tax regulations can conveniently visit the official PTA website for the necessary phone registration process. Additionally, an accessible PTA calculator is available for users to ascertain the applicable registration fees for their smartphones.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying informed and compliant with regulatory updates remains essential, ensuring seamless communication experiences for all users.

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