CAA grants licence to New Airline for business in Pakistan

private Airways

In a significant development for Pakistan’s aviation sector, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a Charter Class-2 license to Private Airways, paving the way for the airline to commence private cargo flights.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Private Airways is set to become the latest addition to the country’s private airline industry, with plans to initiate cargo flight operations in the near future. The issuance of the license marks a milestone for the airline, enabling it to enter the lucrative cargo transportation market.

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Private Airways reportedly returned its Tourism Promotion & Regional Integration (TPRI) license before obtaining clearance from the CAA for its cargo operations. Following the necessary regulatory approvals, the CAA has officially granted the Charter Class-2 license to Private Airways, authorizing it to operate as a cargo airline.

With the acquisition of an aircraft dedicated to cargo transportation, Private Airways is poised to contribute to the growth of Pakistan’s aviation sector while meeting the increasing demand for cargo services. The establishment of the new airline is expected to generate employment opportunities within the aviation industry, providing a boost to the country’s economy.

The introduction of Private Airways into the cargo market is anticipated to enhance competition and provide customers with additional options for transporting goods domestically and internationally. The airline’s commitment to delivering efficient and reliable cargo services underscores its potential to become a key player in the industry.

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